Racquetball Racquet Stringing in CalgaryRacquet Network offers the following racquet stringing services in our southwest Calgary racquet store:

Discount racquetball racquet stringing is inexpensive (starting at $20 for string and labour) but comes with limited options. This is recommended for players who just want some string in their racquet. They do not expect their string bed to contribute to their performance.

Custom racquetball racquet stringing costs more but it allows players to customize their string bed to enhance their performance. Custom stringing offers a full range of options, including string, colour, tension and turnaround. It comes with a two week warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. Custom turnaround options include:

Discount Racquetball Racquet Stringing

Players who want discount racquetball racquet stringing have two options. They can pre-order online through our website, which is the cheapest option. Or they can bring their racquet into our store any weekend evening between 5:00 and 8:00pm, which is the fastest discount option.

Custom Racquetball Racquet Stringing Benefits

In addition to faster turnaround options, players who choose custom racquetball racquet stringing also get the following benefits

  1. two week warranty on labour
  2. satisfaction guarantee
  3. email notification when racquets are ready
  4. early pickup is permitted
  5. choose your tension
  6. choose your string colour
  7. choose your string gauge
  8. choose your string brand
  9. free frame cleaning included
  10. free minor grommet repairs included
  11. sponsorship credits can raise funds for player’s home club
  12. stringing notes permanently kept on file

Custom Racquetball Racquet String Selection

Racquet Network offers Calgary largest selection of racquetball string for custom racquetball racquet stringing. Customers may choose from the following categories.

Natural Gut (biodegradable)
Sythetic Gut (inexpensive)
Monofilament (inexpensive and durable)
Mutifilament (best choice for recreational players
Polyester (best choice for professionals)
Kevlar (best choice for professionals)
Hybrids (popular choice for hard hitters)

Racquet Network carries only the best string brands. We carry many gauges and colours.



place orderFast and convenient racquet service starting at just $20.00. Two-week warranty.

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