What You Get for Your Money

Players often ask: “Why do basement stringers charge less than store stringers?” The simple answer is options. Basement stringing customers save money because basement racquet stringers offer fewer options. Basement stringers can stack up a bunch of discount stringing racquets for five or six days and then bang them all out at the same time … Read more What You Get for Your Money

Questions to Ask Yourself About String

There is no question that natural gut tennis string is the best overall tennis string for most tennis players. It holds tension remarkably well and over a very long period of time; this makes it a great value. It is a natural fiber taken from animals, therefore it more closely matches the materials in the … Read more Questions to Ask Yourself About String

Most Common Stringing Mistakes

As professional stringers, we spend several hours each week fixing problems created by amateurs. Most of the time, these errors are minor and can be fixed relatively quickly. Sometimes, however, the mistakes are fatal to life of the racquet and sometimes, sadly, the racquet breaks or cracks before we can fix it. With this in … Read more Most Common Stringing Mistakes

3 Ways Discount Stringers Cut Corners

You see them everywhere, little signs cable-tied to tennis court fences or pinned to bulletin boards offering dirt cheap stringing. You see them on Craig’s List, Kijiji and a thousand other websites. But can you trust them? Can somebody stringing racquets in their basement really do as good a job as a professional stringer? And … Read more 3 Ways Discount Stringers Cut Corners