warrantyRacquet Network re-strings all brands and models. However, we only service parts (grommets, etc.) for our Brand Partners. Parts service is offered as an incentive to encourage our customers to purchase racquets manufactured by our Brand Partners.

Racquet Network stocks parts most commonly required by our customers. Unfortunately, we cannot stock everything and therefore may not be able to satisfy every need. However, when parts are needed for Brand Partner frames, we will do our best to procure them for our customers.


Racquet Network now digitally records all custom racquet stringing services and posts the videos to our YouTube channel. This demonstrates our commitment to transparency and accountability.

Customers who are making a warranty claim are invited to show us exactly where in the video we did something wrong while stringing their racquet.

Stringing services are covered by a two week warranty on the labour only. There is no warranty on the string.

In order to make a valid warranty claim, the racquet with the broken string must be brought into the store for physical inspection by a stringer within 14 days of the date on the receipt. Notification of a warranty claim by email, phone, text, social media, etc. will not be accepted.

Damage to grommets or frames after string installation can cause strings to break. Therefore now warranty is implied or offered if grommets or frame are damaged.

Tubing is intended to be a temporary patch that extends the life of a racquet for a short while. Tubing is not a permanent repair for broken grommets and does not protect the string as well as grommets. Therefore racquets with temporary tubing are not covered by a warranty.

Sometimes, customers try to hide self-inflicted damage by removing some or all of the the strings. Therefore, the warranty is void if string has been removed from the frame prior to inspection for warranty purposes.

Customers who wish to make a warranty claim should bring their racquet in as-is the moment the strings break. They should not cut the strings out or do anything else that might create the impression that they are trying to cover something up. Our stringers want to see the racquet as-is so that they can determine exactly why the strings broke when and where they did. In order to do this, they need to see the damage for themselves.

Warranty is valid only on the original purchase. There is no warranty on a racquet repaired under warranty.