Most Common Stringing Mistakes

As professional stringers, we spend several hours each week fixing problems created by amateurs. Most of the time, these errors are minor and can be fixed relatively quickly. Sometimes, however, the mistakes are fatal to life of the racquet and sometimes, sadly, the racquet breaks or cracks before we can fix it. With this in … Read moreMost Common Stringing Mistakes

3 Ways Discount Stringers Cut Corners

You see them everywhere, little signs cable-tied to tennis court fences or pinned to bulletin boards offering dirt cheap stringing. You see them on Craig’s List, Kijiji and a thousand other websites. But can you trust them? Can somebody stringing racquets in their basement really do as good a job as a professional stringer? And … Read more3 Ways Discount Stringers Cut Corners

3 Ways to Extend String Life

Even hammers break. Strong as the they are, they will all break eventually. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that racquet strings break too. Like hammers, they can break when they are old and worn out after lots and lots of pounding or they can break when they are new, fresh out of the package. They … Read more3 Ways to Extend String Life

What Can Broken Strings Teach You?

Imagine a brand new tennis racquet equipped with perfectly installed and completely flawless new string. Nobody has ever used this racquet before. Now imagine a recreational tennis player (or a total pro — it doesn’t really matter which) tossing a regular ball into the air and hitting it for the very first time with this … Read moreWhat Can Broken Strings Teach You?

Natural Gut for Squash & Badminton

Although many tennis players are familiar with natural gut strings, squash and badminton players tend to know very little about them. Those who have heard about natural gut presume that it is too fragile to use for squash or badminton. This is not the case at all. In fact, natural gut is equally as durable … Read moreNatural Gut for Squash & Badminton