What You Get for Your Money

Players often ask: “Why do basement stringers charge less than store stringers?” The simple answer is options. Basement stringing customers save money because basement racquet stringers offer fewer options. Basement stringers can stack up a bunch of discount stringing racquets for five or six days and then bang them all out at the same time … Read more What You Get for Your Money

3 Ways to Extend String Life

Even hammers break. Strong as the they are, they will all break eventually. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that racquet strings break too. Like hammers, they can break when they are old and worn out after lots and lots of pounding or they can break when they are new, fresh out of the package. They … Read more 3 Ways to Extend String Life

Stringing for Calgary’s Climate

Tennis players seldom think about this, but ambient temperature has a major impact on stringbed stiffness, performance. and durability. For indoor tennis players, this is not a major issue. It’s pretty much the same temperature indoors on the tennis courts at The Riverside Club in January as it is in July. For outdoor players, however, … Read more Stringing for Calgary’s Climate