Tennis Stringing Myths Busted

Legendary racquet stringer Lucien Nogues busts some common myths about tennis racquets and strings.

Myth 1 – The thickness of the frame has an impact on the ball. In fact, if the ball is hit properly, the ball never touches the frame. The only point of contact is the string bed.

Myth 2 – More tension equals more power. In fact, more tension results in less power. If you want more power, you have to decrease the tension.

Myth 3 – Multifilament string is not durable. In fact, it is durable. It may not be as freakishly durable as polyester string, but it is durable and — because it is elastic — it is also playable.

Myth 4 – Monofilament (polyester) is suitable for everyone. In fact, it is made for professional tennis players with extremely high racquet head speeds. Most players do not swing hard enough to bend it. Therefore they get no benefit from polyester.

Myth 5 – Natural gut is for old people. In fact, 40% of pros at Roland Garros used hybrids with natural gut and nearly all of them are under 30 years old.