String Durability and Serving in Squash

Very few squash players think about this, but it’s a fact. How you serve determines, to a very large degree, how often your strings break. Even more importantly, though, how you serve affects the number of grommets you break. Why does this matter? Once a grommet breaks, there is nothing to protect the string from … Read more String Durability and Serving in Squash

Badminton Racquet Tension Trade-Offs

Choosing the best string tension for your badminton frame is often a case of choosing between trade offs. For example, stringing at a racquet’s maximum tension will increase your ability to control the power of the string bed, but it will also decrease string life. On the other hand, stringing the same racquet at minimum … Read more Badminton Racquet Tension Trade-Offs

Benefits of Natural Gut Tennis String

Legendary racquet stringer Lucien Nogues describes the main benefits of natural gut string. Benefit 1 – Elasticity. Elasticity increases power and spin. Benefit 2 – Comfort. Natural gut is the most comfortable string that money can buy. Benefit 3 – Vibration absorbing. Players with tennis elbow issues can benefit from using natural gut exclusively. Benefit … Read more Benefits of Natural Gut Tennis String